History Of Greyhounds

For thousands of years greyhounds have been bred to hunt by outrunning their prey. They were not intended to be solitary hunters, but to work with other dogs. Switching from hunting to racing has kept this aspect of their personality very much alive. The fastest breed of dog racing greyhounds can reach a top speed of 45 miles per hour, and can average more than 30 miles per hour for distances up to one mile. Selective breeding has given the dog racing greyhound an athlete’s body with the grace of a dancer. At the same time, the need to anticipate the evasive maneuvers of their prey has endowed the greyhound with a high degree of intelligence.

Greyhound history

The dog racing greyhound has a long neck and head, with a barely noticeable stop, or bridge to his nose. The ears are small and usually folded flat back against the neck. Their ears have a variety of poses, from straight up, to lay back flat against their neck (“rose bud” ears), to semi-pricked ears like a Collie’s.
The back of a dog racing greyhound is long and muscular with an arch over the loin. The deep chest and narrow waist give the greyhound its distinctive silhouette. The legs are long and powerful. The feet are small and compact, with well-knuckled toes. The tail is long and curved.

Here are the names of some of the most famous dog racing greyhounds in history:

·         Bah’s Choice·         Balliniska Band
·         Ballymac Ball·         Ballynennan Moon
·         Beef Cutlet·         Brilliant Bob
·         Dolores Rocket·         Endless Gossip
·         Future Cutlet·         I’m Slippy
·         Lacca Champion·         Lauries Panther
·         Mick The Miller·         Monday’s News
·         Pigalle Wonder·         Quare Times
·         Say Little·         Scurlogue Champ
·         Sole Aim·         Some Picture
·         Tanist·         Tico
·         Westmead Move·         Westpark Mustard
·         Yellow Printer·           Ballyregan Bob
·         Ballyhennessy Seal·         Entry Badge
·         Sarah’s Bunny·         Patricias Hope
·         Shove Ha’penny·         Spectre II
·         Wisper Wishes·         Trev’s Perfection
·          Creamery Border·         Indian Joe
·         Magourna Reject

Source: Greyhound History & Famous Racing Dogs (Link: http://www.4dogracing.com/)